Maple Hardwood Floor cleaning solution


Maple hardwood flooring is one of the most popular choices in hardwoods for rebuilding, makeovers or new constructions. Its versatility and diversely patterned options reflect a lovely creamy white to reddish brown color, brightening up the interior with an incandescent, sensual glow. Maples are trees of the genus Acer in the Order Sapindales and are easily distinguishable by their unique leaf arrangement. The name ‘Acer’ is obtained from the Latin word “acris,” meaning sharp, referring to the hardness of the wood, used for making lances in the past.

Because of its toughness, maple hardwood flooring is incredible and resourceful material. This wood can endure a lot of wear and tear by way of foot traffic, making it an attractive proposition for long term use in residences and offices. Most gyms, dance studios, and bowling alleys use maple wood because of its tenacious strength and density. With maple wood floors, aesthetics and durability co-exist, making it a favorite amongst wood flooring solutions.

The fine texture and close-grained nature renders both polished and naturally finished maple wood appealing. This wood does not stain easily. There are many different types of maples, the prime variety being “bird’s-eye” maple due to the eye-shaped twists that occur in the fibers of the wood. Other kinds of maples used for floors and in various forms of carpentry are – Red maple, Silver maple, Sycamore maple, and Ash-Leaved maple.

If you desire a rustic, natural look, go in for unfinished maple hardwood. Lustrous elegance oozes gorgeously from finished maple wood flooring. Because of its durability, maple will last you a lifetime, and like fine wine, its value only increases with age. Maple flooring comes in color variations, and each grade displays different visual wood character. Finding a reliable supplier of hardwood floorings is undoubtedly a tough job. However, with the Internet and some prudence, you can always pick the right source.

After installing the maple hardwood floor, now it is time to take proper care of it. It is quite difficult to remove stains from maple hardwood floor if the finishing of the floor is not done properly. If you want to clean any kind of stains from the hardwood floor, you should read rejuvenate hardwood floor cleaner reviews. This floor cleaner erases stains from the base without removing the natural finish.

Normally. Maple hardwood floor comes with an extra ordinary oily finish. So, if you install your hardwood floor properly, removing stain will not be a difficult task for you. To remove stains, you will need to wipe the place softly with a cloth or paper. Then apply a spray or floor cleaning solution to the area and then clean it with a mop. for better result use rejuvenate hardwood floor cleaner.

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