Question by GHOST:

How can I find out which Life Insurance Company my dad was paying?

Before my dad died a few months ago,he told us that if he died,the life insurance he was paying would give us $ 100,000,but he never mentioned which company we’re supposed to claim the money from.How can we find out,or are there any records that shows this information?

Answer by SmartA$ $

You will need to go through his documents and find the policy number or at least what company he was insured with. You should be able to get the policy number and file the claim if you have a death certificate against his social security number, and you know what company its for.

Unfortunately, there is not any kind of central database where you can look it up. You need to see if he had the policy or look at his bank statements to see what company the payments went to.

Answer by RetiredDebtFree

Look through his check book register, cancelled checks, credit card statements etc. Perhaps he has some files with the statements they send. At last resort, if he was still paying, the company will likely send a statement in the mail when the next payment is due.

It’s always good for people to make a list of where their assets are located, including account numbers, and keep it on file with their Will or with a trusted relative.

Answer by mbrcatz

You go through his checking account statements. It will record the name of the payee, and maybe you’ll even find cancelled checks.

If you’re asking, is there some database where you can plug his name in and find out, the answer is no.

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