Beauty and Elegance Resurfaced with Hardwood Floors Refinishing


Hardwood wood floors are factory finished and the coating is very strong, much stronger than any coating you can apply on site. This is what makes Hardwood wood floors very hard to refinish. There are also unfinished Hardwood flooring which allow you to choose the stain you want or put a different varnish of your choice. The wear layer of a Hardwood floor is also known as a wood veneer which is not real wood but can be sanded for refinishing and repair. This wood veneer is thinner than a solid floor with a thickness of usually 3mm which is used for floor leveling compound wood subfloor.

Hardwood floors refinishing use the proper tools and equipment that makes it possible to sand this type of floor with high quality finish. You must put in mind that not all Hardwood wood floors are made equal. A Hardwood floor with a wear layer of less than 3mm thickness will be very hard to refinish. Each manufacturer offers different thickness in the Hardwood floors they offer.

If the wear layer of your Hardwood floor is too thin and makes it impossible to refinish, Hardwood floors refinishing can improve the appearance of your floor through screening and coating. There are times when scratches are not possible to be removed with this type of wear layer but Hardwood floors refinishing can replace your floors whenever necessary. Before work is done on our floor, it will be carefully evaluated and assessed by expert wood technicians to determine if refinishing is possible.

It does not really matter if your floor has numerous highs and lows of if proper preparation was neglected during installation. This flooring company has the right equipment that can flatten and smoothen the surface of your floor so you get a smooth and even finish. Most people dread the dust that comes to refinishing but with this floor refinishing company, their professional floor servicemen will take care of all the dust so get clean, breathable air after all the work is done. You don’t need to worry about allergies, their professional wood technicians always do a pristine job and hey take pride in the work they do.

You may also choose what finish they will use for your floor. An oil based finish will give you more shine and more glow but it takes more time to dry. On the other hand, water-based finishes dry quickly. They are also glossy but lacks the luster that oil based finishes offer. If you have allergies, water based finishes are recommended as they are friendlier to human ad to the environment. In the end, it all boils down to choosing the right floor refinishing company such as Hardwood floors refinishing.

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