Basic features of the lawn mower


If you are looking for a new lawn mower for your home and you are a first-time buyer, you should at least the know the features of different lawn mowers before buying. Depending on your lawn area, budget, lawn type, personal preference, and other so many things, a lawn mower should be bought. However, as I have said, different lawn mowers have different features, in this article, I will discuss the common features of the lawn mower.

1) Starting system

The most common feature of the lawn mower is the starting system. Starting system can ensure the right type of job done by the lawn mower. If you want to get a hassle free experience in lawn mowing, you should definitely ensure, you are getting the right starting of your lawn mower. Different type of starting systems in lawn mower are-
Electric- Electric starting system provides you the most dependable start among all lawn mower. You just need to turn the key priming the engine for a smooth start.

Automatic choke system- starting a lawn mower with the automatic choke system is relatively easier than all. You have to engage the safety handle and pull the rope for starting the mower. This system can eliminate choking completely.

Primer starting system- it works with taking gas into the carburetor. It also provides a quick and easy start to the lawn mower.

Ready start system- this is the smartest system of starting a land mower. With this system, you can get a hassle-free experience of starting your lawn mower a relatively faster time.

2) Bagging

Bagging is the most useful feature added in the modern lawn mower. Bagging is basically a technique which is used to collect the cut grasses. You can find this feature in the rear and side bagging mower. When you will cut the grasses, at the same time, the machine will collect the grass and keep your garden look clean and fresh.

3) Leaf handling capability

The lawn mower should come in leaf handling capability. It should collect all the unnecessary leaves from the ground without damaging the blade condition.

4) Noise-reduction feature

While operating, a lawn mower can make a huge noise. The older models of the lawn mower usually make loud noise during the operation. But in the new lawn mower noise reduction feature is added.

5) Durability

The lawn mower should be durable enough, and last for a long time. We don’t buy lawn mower too often for the lawn. As it is not a cheaper device, you need to choose one which can last for a few years without troubling. You should look for the overhead value technology in the lawn mower to make sure the longevity of it.

So, these are few features of the lawn mower. To learn more about the lawn mower, you can visit

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