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Blog / Monday, September 2nd, 2019

Powered ride on toys are a hot ticket item with kids of all ages. As soon as your child can walk you will see them start heading towards the riding toy aisle if you give them the chance. The fun and entertainment that a riding toy can offer is just unmatched by anything outside of the pedal and powered ride on toys genre.

The appeal of the riding toy isn’t as gender specific as you might think, while cars in general are thought of as kid’s toys for boys, powered ride on toys are incredibly popular among boys and girls alike. The thought that they can drive around on their own like mommy and daddy in their electric ride on toys is exciting to kids of all ages and both genders.

Some of the more popular models on the market are made by Fisher-Price who is well known for their high-quality kids toys as well as their wide variety of powered ride on toy designs in different price ranges.

For the boys in the family, another hot Fisher-Price powered ride on toy is the Ford Mustang. This particular model falls into the 12v ride on toys category as well and comes with it’s own 12 volt battery and charger. These powered ride on toys have equalizer bars on the radio, make revving and honking sounds and seat two kids as well, all while still staying right around the $300 mark.

On the lower end of the price scale for electric riding toys are the 6v ride on toys known as the Lil’ Quad kids electric car series. These electric ride on toys come in a wide variety of designs but take up much less storage room and will only cost you around $80 or less. They are single seat 6v ride on toys, but they can still move at a pretty impressive 2 miles per hour speed. What’s great about these particular models of electric riding toys is that they are affordable and come in a variety of designs as well.

The standard blue and yellow or pink designs are available on the market but these electric ride on toys also come in Dora, Diego and even Batman Lil’ Quad designs without any noticeable change in the price tag.

Powered ride on toys are only growing in popularity as the varieties of them increase and the price of manufacturing decreases. Your child will be the envy of the neighborhood when they show up to play outside on their very own electric riding toys. Whether you are looking for a riding toy for your son, daughter or both, you can find a great variety of powered ride on toys online or at your local department store.

Apart from the powered ride on toys, you can also consider classing outdoor play equipment ideas for your child. You can go for the classic outdoor play equipment like bounce house, swing set, and so on. Get them from

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